• TranSkills builds bridges between industry and job seekers by
    empowering them with life-long employability skills.

  • We believe that front-line staff are a huge competitive
    advantage for a service business.

  • We mentor promising middle-class youth from tier I & II cities
    to front the organised retail revolution in India.

  • Our aim is to transform the customer service moment at the hands
    of skilled employees who work in enlightened organisations.

Welcome to Transkills

TranSkills is a social enterprise that is seeking to build bridges between industry and job seekers in a mutually beneficial way. Its vision is to bridge the gap between formal education and employability thereby providing enrolled students with life-long job skills and industry with a pool of trained job-ready employees.

As a skill development initiative it targets lower middle class job seekers in Tier I and Tier II cities who are 1st/2nd generation educated in their families and are looking to breakthrough into the salaried class. TranSkills identifies, mentors and trains such promising 12th class youth to find jobs, perform and grow in front-end customer-service roles through a proprietary training approach.

Our Philosophy

At TranSkills we believe that the quality of human resources at the front-line of customer service has the potential to be a business asset to a retail company. In a commodity environment when every store provide discounts and similar brands on the shelf, it is through the actions ( or inactions!) of sales staff that customers form perceptions and decide future visits to the retail store or food outlet.

Our Programmes

We conduct a 13 weeks part-time course ( 3 hours a day) on job-ready skills which is conducted on-site. Student enrolments are based on a personal interview and entrance test where we filter basis attitude and basic level of knowledge. Each batch consists of 25 students, with 2 trainers i.e. a 12:1 trainer:student ratio. We have developed a proprietary adult-centric learning approach with activity-based learning at its core.

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